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We just released this week the summary of findings for U.S. financial services and retail (find the research briefs about half way down the linked page) respondents to the survey used for our 2015 Insider Threat Report. Research was performed by Nielsen and included responses from 102 IT decision makers in each category. We learned some pretty surprising things as a result. The first came as a result of the question “Has your organization experienced a data breach or failed […]

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It’s no surprise that every company’s data is vulnerable to hackers. As a result, implementing strong data security practices should be an obvious priority for enterprises. According to our 2015 Insider Threat Report, data breach protection has replaced meeting compliance standards as the number one security priority for companies. Organizations are going in the right direction with over 40 percent reporting that they have experienced a data breach in the past year, this reprioritization couldn’t come at a better time. <ClickToTweet>Retail […]

23 Feb
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Today, I was named as one of CRN’s Channel Chiefs for 2015. In reality, the award is not about me but about Vormetric and our highly successful channel program. First, let me provide you with some background on our channel program. All Vormetric products are part of a single Data Security Platform are sold through the channel. Our products include Vormetric Transparent Encryption, Vormetric Application Encryption, and Vormetric Key Management, as well as our latest product offering, Vormetric Tokenization with […]

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Clandestine meetings with government officials. Aliases and disguises. Secret transmissions of encrypted files. Bouncing around Europe with authorities hot on the trail. The latest Bond movie? Only sounds like it—but the story of HSBC whistleblower Herve Falciani has it all. If you’ve not heard the story, here’s the brief synopsis: In 2008, Falciani, a systems specialist with HSBC Private Bank in Switzerland, is brought in for questioning by Swiss police. Once released, he promptly leaves the country. Soon thereafter, he […]

19 Feb
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Growing threats from both malicious and non-malicious insiders means data security should be an incredibly high priority for enterprises. As Vormetric’s 2015 Insider Threat Report noted, 44% of US organizations experienced a data breach or failed compliance audit in the last year. This is an alarming number, especially when one considers the amount of valuable data many companies store. ClickToTweet: Why Tokenization Matters for Your Business @AshvinKamaraju #DefenderOfData With malicious actors becoming increasingly sophisticated, the answer is not to […]

When it comes to data security, identifying what you consider your crown jewels is the first step in the data security recovery program. Legacy products can be expensive and negatively impact performance. Organizations need to realize that the complexity and fear of access control is a thing of the past. ClickToTweet: Why a Data Security Platform is an Enterprise Priority #DefenderOfData Before we get started on recovery, here are a few things you need to ask yourself: How much […]

10 Feb
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You may have seen the recent blog post from Charles Goldberg, which provides an overview of tokenization and our new product offering in this area.  Here in the UK and Europe, we’re seeing specific demand for these capabilities around three key areas, which I’d like to highlight here. <ClickToTweet>: Euro and UK Applications for Tokenisation and Data Masking from @Vormetric PCI DSS If an organisation has any need to handle payment card details, it must adhere to PCI compliance […]

09 Feb
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I’m writing this blog on Monday, February 9th, late afternoon with a very full stomach. Last week we launched Vormetric Tokenization with Dynamic Data Masking and today we took the engineers out for a big lunch to celebrate. Now feeling full and contemplative, I thought I’d join the club and write about the big industry news: Anthem’s massive loss of customer and employee data. ClickToTweet: Anthem Data Breach – Allegations and Assumption Abound @cvrles #DefenderOfData A lot’s happened since […]

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If you were to ask a lot of security professionals what they first think of when they hear the word “tokenization,” many would immediately reply “PCI DSS.” Those who’ve been down the path of a PCI audit know that by leveraging tokenization, they can take databases out of scope, which means they can reduce the time they spend dealing with QSAs, and save a lot of time and money in the process. Although PCI DSS compliance is still the primary […]


Posted By: Alan Kessler
03 Feb
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In my blog from September 2014, I wrote “encryption and access controls are your front-line defenses for defending data-at-rest. Given today’s threat environment, encrypt everything possible, everywhere possible.” While lots of things change in 6 months – the projected World Series Champion, the Super Bowl front-runner, Taylor Swift going from tweeting about dating to tweeting about hacking – this recommendation remains constant. <ClickToTweet>: IT Security Improvement – A Guide to the CIO’s Toolbox from @kessalan #DefenderOfData Data-at-rest is susceptible […]