22 Apr
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Any party bent on destruction, exposing proprietary business intelligence and sensitive customer information like credit card numbers and medical information can try to get access. But what’s more important is learning how to protect it. ClickToTweet: Easily, Efficiently Encrypt Teradata w/@Vormetric’s Data Protection Platform http://bit.ly/1Ocr0b2 #DefenderOfData While data is crucial to enhance company product offerings and capture increased market share, when it’s not properly protected, it can be exploited. However the very advantage big data solutions provide — the ability to […]

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With more than 80 percent – the vast majority of enterprise businesses – now leveraging cloud environments, it’s no surprise that the infiltration of sensitive data into these environments is starting to turning heads. With that said, what can we do today to make both today’s and tomorrow’s use of cloud secure? ClickToTweet: Top 5 Cloud Security Challenges facing the Cloud Adopting Enterprise @cjrad #DefenderOfData http://bit.ly/1aJjths To explore the topic further, this week, the Cloud Security Alliance is hosting its […]

13 Apr
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This year, with our 2015 Insider Threat Report, we’ve also been releasing extended information for target verticals and markets.  Today we released the Healthcare results from the study, and earlier released financial and retail, cloud and big data and Japan and ASEAN results set.  The release of the healthcare results seems especially timely with recent breaches from Anthem and Premera in mind. ClickToTweet: Healthcare’s most dangerous insider – Privileged Users(62%) @SocialTIS #2015InsiderThreat http://bit.ly/1OqSR44 Healthcare data has become one of the […]

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New Product – The Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway In our professional lives, we’re often confronted with a choice between expediency and security. In that arena, security, more often than not, comes out the loser. Employees have grown increasingly reliant on technology, and if a new technology helps them to do their jobs better, faster, or more efficiently, they’ll use that technology—security consequences be damned [with little or no consideration of the security risks they may introduce]. ClickToTweet: Security & Expediency […]

When it comes to SaaS security concerns, cloud storage tops the list. In fact, 83 percent of U.S., and 72 percent of global respondents were very or extremely concerned about the protection of sensitive data within online storage environments, according to the 2015 Vormetric Insider Threat Report: Cloud and Big Data Edition. Enterprises struggle with being able to trust cloud storage users and providers. Users are often unaware of sensitive and unprotected data, which may result in compliance violations or, […]

U.K. Focus on Cloud Risks to Data

Posted By: Darren Harmer
06 Apr
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Last week, we announced the Cloud and Big Data edition of our 2015 Insider Threat report. Extending earlier findings in the global report with details of what a compromise of cloud platforms and big data environments could be like, it made for some interesting reading. ClickToTweet: UK Cloud Use – 54% keep sensitive data in the cloud http://tinyurl.com/k9hk4y7 Countless studies have shown us that cloud computing has the potential to make businesses more responsive than ever – imparting the economic […]

01 Apr

Recently, we released the results from the cloud edition of our 2015 Insider Threat Report. My colleagues Andy Kicklighter and CJ Radford delved into the results in their blog posts from March 24 and March 26, and I’ve gone into a bit more detail about the findings below. But, the purpose of this blog is to do two things: a) discuss what we hear matters when it comes to successful and safe SaaS consumption and delivery and b) with this […]

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We issued today our 2015 Vormetric Insider Threat Report – Japan and ASEAN Edition, and the results have been a study in contrasts. Results for ASEAN are the closest match from our sample set to those of U.S. respondents, while those from Japan are often closer to the results from our first Vormetric Insider Threat Report in 2013. ClickToTweet: Insider Threats are different from a few years ago – with the addition of service providers and contractors to manage internal […]

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We just this week issued the Cloud and Big Data edition of the 2015 Vormetric Insider Threat Report.  In this edition we concentrated on the results relating directly to cloud and big data environments, and there were some real eye openers once we got a good look at the data. ClickToTweet: 60% of U.S. enterprises store sensitive data in the cloud – and they are worried about it #2015InsiderThreat http://bit.ly/1bzE09h First and foremost, we were very surprised at the rate […]

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It’s a cloudy world out there – as seen by the cloud’s adoption and while the cloud creates an added layer of efficiency, enterprises are wondering how much trust is too much when it comes to securing the cloud. Heavy reliance on the cloud and proliferation of big data leaves many wondering what information is actually secure. In fact, despite the vast majority of enterprises (80 percent) now making use of cloud environments, most IT decision makers have concerns about […]