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We just this week issued the Cloud and Big Data edition of the 2015 Vormetric Insider Threat Report.  In this edition we concentrated on the results relating directly to cloud and big data environments, and there were some real eye openers once we got a good look at the data. ClickToTweet: 60% of U.S. enterprises store sensitive data in the cloud – and they are worried about it #2015InsiderThreat First and foremost, we were very surprised at the rate […]

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It’s a cloudy world out there – as seen by the cloud’s adoption and while the cloud creates an added layer of efficiency, enterprises are wondering how much trust is too much when it comes to securing the cloud. Heavy reliance on the cloud and proliferation of big data leaves many wondering what information is actually secure. In fact, despite the vast majority of enterprises (80 percent) now making use of cloud environments, most IT decision makers have concerns about […]

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Code Blue For Your Healthcare Data Few look forward to a doctor’s visit. Unfortunately, this is more the case than ever before, and it is not because of what you might think. Today, patients worry about the information they may have to divulge at the doctor’s office and where it might end up. They say that the best way to stay healthy is to not go to the doctor at all and alarmingly it may also be the best way […]

8 Elements of Personal Data Policies for IoT

Posted By: Andy Kicklighter
18 Mar
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Given the current global furor over continuing data breaches, Edward Snowden disclosures, the hue and cry around NSA data collection from mobile phones and mobile encryption, now is a good time to stop and think before we plunge wholesale into even more extensive collection of personal information from IoT environments and devices. Think how much worse a breach of data could be if it includes full profiles of people’s movements, actions, eating habits, purchase preferences or even more personal information.  […]

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Data as we all know is growing at a rapid pace. When we speak about data proliferation – the enormous amount of data stored by businesses and government agencies – it is imperative to note that data is not homogenous. This data is coming in via many sources such as cloud, big data and legacy environments and in varied forms. Therein you have the three “V’s” of data proliferation: Velocity, Variety and Volume*. These three variables make managing and securing […]

12 Mar
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The recent tidal wave of data breaches across both commercial organizations and federal agencies has prompted scrutiny into what is being done to offset the most recent cyber attack methods. Analysts and vendors alike are prescribing what capabilities should be on the list by any good steward of the cyber assets they are protecting. The days when implementing strong firewalls, segmenting networks, locking down desktops and putting in place secure remote access to keep out attackers are gone. New technologies […]

11 Mar
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Earlier this week broke a story about leaks from Edward Snowden revealing the CIA’s hacking of Apple mobile devices. This incident highlights how hard it is to achieve a balance between public safety and the right to privacy.  On the one hand we have the CIA and other government agencies with a mission to protect public safety attempting to access encrypted data and communications on privately owned devices.  Their motivation – to protect against terrorists and other threats.  On […]

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The state of security and data breaches is no song and dance matter. We all know 2014 wasn’t shy of data breaches. We saw companies – once thought of as impenetrable – hacked. In this layout of the World’s Biggest Data Breaches, it’s clear the outlook is meek. While 2014 may have been a whirlwind of security vulnerabilities, just three months into 2015 we’ve already seen breaches at Uber, Anthem, the hotel chain Mandarin Oriental, Gemalto and others. ClickToTweet: With […]

05 Mar
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About two weeks ago I attended the Strata + HADOOP world conference, February 2015, in San Jose.  I think the most notable observation from an IT perspective is that people are getting serious about it. The second is that the technology driving the HADOOP ecosystem is evolving at warp speed. ClickToTweet: Security in the Data Lake from Strata + Hadoop @AshvinKamaraju #DefenderOfData One example for security – Cloudera now says that “Security is Foundational” and the new default. Cloudera […]

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Following a recent investigation by Sky News, it’s been revealed that, a private firm which allows drivers to pay fines via its website and has a direct link to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) database, had been affected by a backdoor which gave access to restricted information. Although we’ve seen many headlines that highlight the danger posed by APTs and the like, it seems many organizations are still unprepared for attacks or unidentified weaknesses at a more […]