BYOK FOR Everyone: Choose Your Own Cloud

Posted By: Jon Geater, @jongeater
15 Aug
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Last year we hit a turning point in cloud adoption for applications processing sensitive data.  According to our latest Ponemon/Thales Global Encryption Trends Study, for the first time more enterprises are sending sensitive data to the cloud than deferring out of fear over security risks. But at the same time more than half also said control of their encryption keys is vitally important to them, and that they would only use encryption keys they directly control inside their business. Click to […]

11 Aug
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I’m sure you’ve seen endless articles about organizations jumping on the cloud computing bandwagon. I know what you’re thinking, how very 2013. But there is a fast growing trend in this shift to the “cloud” movement with enterprises increasingly deploying cloud infrastructures that are managed by service providers. Even enterprises (who traditionally invest in their own data center infrastructure and deploy “on premise”) are re-architecting their data centers to be service oriented (i.e. similar to that of a service provider’s […]

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From Matt Jochim and Paul Cleary. Last week, we attended both Black Hat and the Defcon Hacking Conference. If that sounds like a lot of the same…well, it’s not. Black Hat is becoming more like RSAC every year, in that it’s focused more on corporate sponsorship and mainstream security topics and less on hacking. When it comes to hacking, though – unless the tides dramatically turn, it seems like we’ll always have Defcon. Defcon is a veritable carnival for IT […]

UK payments are moving to mobile – but are we ready?

Posted By: Louise Bulman, AVP of EMEA | Vormetric, A Thales Company
04 Aug
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When was the last time you paid for something using cash? Last year in the UK, cashless payments had overtaken the use of notes and coins for the first time in history, and the trend is set to continue as cash payments are suspected to fall another 30% over the next ten years, while UK consumers are predicted to spend a whopping £53.6bn a year using their smartphones and tablets by 2024. New mobile payment apps like Google Pay, launched […]

Reducing the Risk of Data Breaches for U.S. Federal Organizations

Posted By: Wayne Lewandowski, @Wayne42675 (Twitter)
03 Aug
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Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. And if Einstein said it, it must be true, right? Using this definition, I would argue that many IT security professionals at U.S. federal organizations suffer from cyber insanity – and here’s why… According to Gartner, the world-wide cybersecurity market topped $75 billion in 2015, and is expected to increase to $170 billion by 2020. And of the billions spent annually on information […]

02 Aug
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Laptops. Tablets. Smartphones. Thermostats. Fitness trackers. Insulin pumps. Cars. Welcome to connected (almost) everything. Increased connectivity means a lot more data. A lot more data means the need for data protection…and  trusted relationships between the providers of that data, the consumers of that data and the conduits for that data. The past decade’s explosion of data can modestly be called a digital transformation, a transformation that is driving new business models and revenue and making possible whole new ways of […]

28 Jul
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Imagine a world where your coffee maker produces a fresh brew at the break of dawn simply from activating it with your smartphone. Your driverless car directs you to work while you catch up on the morning news. On the way home, your refrigerator notifies you that you’re running low on ingredients for dinner. Click to Tweet:   Blog: 61% worried about IoT hacks for Cars, Security Cams @socialtis I know this seems incredibly futuristic but we aren’t far off. […]

Healthcare Update: Technology May Cause Unwanted Side-Effects

Posted By: Michael Rothschild, @mjrothschild
21 Jul
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As an Emergency Medical Technician and former ER tech, I am amazed by the amount of change that healthcare has undergone. I am not talking about the advances in medicine though that is certainly impressive. I am referring to the intersection of technology and how it supports many of the healthcare interventions seen in emergency medicine today. Whereas charting and labs used to be written with doctor or nurse scribble which was barely decipherable to the untrained eye, today everything […]

18 Jul
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On your weekly trip to the bank, you likely don’t even think twice about the fact that every time you hand over money that trust goes into someone else’s hands to keep your finances safe. And while you’re relinquishing control, you can very well assume necessary precautions are already in place: the building will be locked after hours and if there is a spare key – it certainly will not be stored under the front mat. It likely won’t even […]

Data Security & Identity Management: Essential 1st Cousins in IT Security

Posted By: Chris Olive, @ChrisEOlive (Twitter) | Senior Sales Engineer | Vormetric, a Thales company
15 Jul
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As a senior architect, sales engineer, and consultant out in the field working closely with senior IT security leaders and CISOs, I sometimes run into questions surrounding the Vormetric product line related to identity management. Having implemented identity management solutions for Fortune 500 companies around the world for a number of years, I truly appreciate when these questions arise, as it demonstrates some understanding that “Data Security” and “Identity Management” are essential first cousins in IT Security. Click to Tweet: […]