RSA Conference 2017: Highlights and Innovations

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15 Feb
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It goes without saying, really, but RSA Conference is the biggest cybersecurity convention of the year. From all across the world, private sector and government leaders come to San Francisco to inspect the latest innovations our industry has to offer.

RSA Conference 2017 remains important, but I have seen a noticeable shift in the conversations our sector wishes to discuss. In the following blog post, I will examine the top four highlights and innovations I have seen so far this year.

Highlight 1: DevOps Embraces Security

All too often, security is seen as an anchor on business initiatives. As I have written before, security does not have to come at the cost of innovation. In fact, security can be quite beneficial to innovation and vice versa.

This is especially apparent in the world of DevOps. I attended the Cloud Security Alliance Summit on Monday, February 13th, and was very impressed with Shannon Lietz’s presentation on DevSecOps. Shannon provided an excellent overview on how security frameworks can play in the business world. DevSecOps brings operations, development and security closer together to the benefit of the whole business.

I anticipate this kind of relationship to become more common in the future and look forward to seeing how DevSecOps continues to progress.

RSAC 2017 Highlights

Highlight 2: Machine Learning on the Rise

Want to see the latest trends in security technology? Just take a quick walk on the RSA Conference Expo floor. Vendors like to use the convention to show off their latest solutions and address new threats they see on the horizon.

Cybersecurity is often about identifying a state of normality. If you know what normal looks like, you can then eliminate anomalous actors. Machine learning is the next evolution in this kind of security technology, soon our own solutions will be able to learn and adjust to threats without direct programming. Through GPU backed machine learning, you will be able to examine all the traffic on your system and automatically cultivate your own normal environment.

Machine learning was definitely present in the Expo Hall and this is a fascinating technology to watch grow.

Highlight 3: Encryption Becomes an Everyday Conversation

Encryption has always been a popular topic during RSAC. However, this year it has become a front line conversation. No matter the industry, organizations around the world understand encryption provides significant protection for their business.

We are no longer debating if encryption is necessary or not, the conversation has shifted to ease and usability. Businesses are demanding solutions with robust encryption, but they desire technology that they can control.

This brings us to my final innovation of the conference…

Highlight 4: BYOK Brings Us Together

DevSecOps, machine learning and encryption. Each of these highlights from RSA Conference bridge the gap between security and innovation. Security can help your organization reach your business goals, but vendors must provide solutions that are easily governed.

Thales e-Security announced several new cloud key management innovations for RSAC 2017. My colleague, Charles Goldberg, has more information on these new solutions, but they demonstrate the popularity of the BYOK movement. Everyone is asking for BYOK, from cloud providers to end users.

BYOK solutions give organizations the ability control where and when their keys are managed and decrypted, which takes the pressure off their cloud provider. Ultimately, it’s a win-win for both and I’m thrilled to see cloud environments embrace their user’s needs so efficiently.

However, BYOK is not just for the cloud. These solutions can be utilized in other settings, including hardware manufacturing. By next year’s RSA Conference, I anticipate the BYOK movement to grow exponentially.

These are just four of the many highlights of RSA Conference 2017. If you are attending, make sure to swing by the Thales e-Security booth. We’re #1007 in the South Hall Expo. We’d be happy to discuss the latest security trends, innovations and much more.

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