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I’m sure you’ve seen endless articles about organizations jumping on the cloud computing bandwagon. I know what you’re thinking, how very 2013. But there is a fast growing trend in this shift to the “cloud” movement with enterprises increasingly deploying cloud infrastructures that are managed by service providers. Even enterprises (who traditionally invest in their own data center infrastructure and deploy “on premise”) are re-architecting their data centers to be service oriented (i.e. similar to that of a service provider’s […]

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We did it! Vormetric is officially the first vendor to receive the Enterprise Security Management (ESM) Policy Management Protection Profile (PP_ESM_PM_V2.1) Common Criteria certification for the Vormetric Data Security Manager (DSM) V6000 appliances. While this has been one long and difficult journey, it’s also been one huge accomplishment. Click To Tweet: First to qualify for Common Criteria PP ESM PM V2.1 – Vormetric Data Security Manager The National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) (a U.S. organization responsible for implementation […]

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By generating real-time insights, analytics is changing how we conduct business. Providing a fast and adaptable platform for real-time business, SAP HANA is a clear leader. The magnitude of the SAP ecosystem and the number of enterprise customers that depend on SAP to run their business speaks to the strength of the company’s solution. ClickToTweet:  Secure @SAPHANA in the cloud with @Virtustream and @Vormetric There are three major trends playing out in the industry: Real-time data analytics Cloud […]

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About two weeks ago I attended the Strata + HADOOP world conference, February 2015, in San Jose.  I think the most notable observation from an IT perspective is that people are getting serious about it. The second is that the technology driving the HADOOP ecosystem is evolving at warp speed. ClickToTweet: Security in the Data Lake from Strata + Hadoop @AshvinKamaraju #DefenderOfData One example for security – Cloudera now says that “Security is Foundational” and the new default. Cloudera […]

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Growing threats from both malicious and non-malicious insiders means data security should be an incredibly high priority for enterprises. As Vormetric’s 2015 Insider Threat Report noted, 44% of US organizations experienced a data breach or failed compliance audit in the last year. This is an alarming number, especially when one considers the amount of valuable data many companies store. ClickToTweet: Why Tokenization Matters for Your Business @AshvinKamaraju #DefenderOfData With malicious actors becoming increasingly sophisticated, the answer is not to […]

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The slogan “Internet of Things (IoT) X Big Data = Unprecedented Value!” caught my attention as I was listening to a presentation from Intel Corporation. The scale of the IoT disruption was described in terms of things, data and value: 50 billion devices are expected to connect to the Internet by 2016. As recently as 2013 this was 0.5 Billion These devices will generate 35 Zetabytes of data! And can create an estimated value of $2 to $6 trillion in […]

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I was recently invited by our South Korea sales team to visit them and present at a Big Data conference in Busan. First off I was glad to see S. Korea embracing or at least tipping their toes in new generation technologies and gladly accepted the invitation.  I want to share my perceptions from the trip and I will start first with economic factors. South Korea is a beautiful, clean country with a strong work ethic and an impressive 3.4% […]

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Big data analytics are proving a boon to business and government, enabling organizations to analyze whole sets of related data or data from disparate sets, for patterns and trends in ways never before possible.  Use cases are growing quickly, and we are only at the beginning of understanding how best to make use of this technology. Retail – Create a full profile of not only what people are buying, but the process they go through to make their selections.  Data […]

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This was my first year at Sapphire, which I attended as a result of a joint project that SAP Co-Innovation Labs (COIL), Vormetric, Intel and Virtustream have been collaborating on for the past few months to secure HANA in the cloud (More on our joint project below).  I was impressed by the show, to say the least. The sheer size, sprawl and industry participation at the conference made me realize the magnitude of the SAP ecosystem and the number of […]

Yesterday, we announced the general availability of Vormetric Data Security Release 5, Version 5.2.1.  This is a full release for our set of Data Security Platform products, including extensive enhancements to our flagship Vormetric Transparent Encryption product, our new Vormetric Application Encryption offering, updates to our Data Security Manager appliance, encryption agents, key management and more.  The release is the culmination of significant work by Vormetric product development, product management and product marketing teams and further extends our platform to […]