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One interesting, and perhaps unique, aspect of the cyber security industry is the degree to which we can (albeit, after the fact) completely decompose a hackers attack modus operandi (by decoding their malware source-code and tracing their command and control infrastructure). Furthermore, trips to public and, more importantly, private “hackathon” events reveal that many hackers are very forthcoming in explaining and sharing the details of their hacking analytical approach, coding strategies, actual code libraries and attack scenarios.   Not too long […]

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So, in the wake of the OMB hack, the federal CIO (Tony Scott) has directed government agencies to get serious about cyber security. The “30-day sprint,” directs agencies to patch all known vulnerabilities; use information provided by Homeland Security to identify and mitigate known threats; limit the number of privileged users and tighten access controls; and “dramatically accelerate” the use of personal identity verification (PIV) cards and other forms of multifactor identification. Yes, in 30 days. ClickToTweet: Will the Cybersecurity […]