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Containers have existed in some form or the other since Unix and FreeBSD days, for example, chroot, FreeBSD jails and Solaris Zones etc. The current generation of containers – LxC, LxD and Docker are extensions of these previous technology sets. Click To Tweet: Blog: Data Security for Docker – Required What is Docker? From Wikipedia: Docker is an open-source project that automates the deployment of applications inside software containers, by providing an additional layer of abstraction and automation […]

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With near daily reminders in the media about how often bad actors are able to penetrate traditionally safe enterprise perimeters and end point security, many of our customers a taking a look at how best to extend their capability to detect attacks in progress and highlight accounts that may be compromised. <ClickToTweet>: Visual Analytics with @Vormetric and @Splunk for #SecurityIntelligence #DefenderOfData Vormetric provides a great tool for this in for form of our visual analytics implementation for Splunk, as […]

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Intel’s AES-NI instructions are extensions to the x86 instruction set to perform AES encryption and decryption directly using Intel CPUs. In addition to being more secure, there are significant performance gains that accrue when using hardware-based encryption. Just as the AES encryption has become a universal and widely adopted standard for symmetric encryption, AES NI-enabled encryption has become the equivalent to a standard for x86-based applications performing hardware encryption starting with Intel’s Westmere processors. Click to Tweet:          ./@Vormetric #DataSecurity for […]

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Big Data tools established a beachhead in 2013 for use in analyzing customer behavior and sales trends, operational analysis and augmenting existing data warehouses, but there’s a demonstrated need in security operations as well. Given the volume of recent major data breaches, it’s a pretty sure bet that many organizations are also going to invest in tools to help them analyze the the huge masses of security related information already present – this is security intelligence, if you will. Unfortunately, there’s a huge limiting factor for the […]