Author: Jon Geater

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A recent report from Deloitte has revealed that only a third of British consumers would be interested in owning a driverless car. The report indicates a preference for safety rather than self-driving features, which comes as no real surprise. As self-driving technology is increasingly pushed up the agenda for automakers, the industry as a whole must demonstrate a clear commitment to vehicle safety above all else. Consumers have every right to be concerned about the risks of hacking and the […]

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Every country has secrets. Every government has data or information that it simply cannot afford to lose or have stolen. Whether it’s strategic military positioning, government-owned ‘Big Data’ or even citizen ID or voter data governments have long had a need for High Assurance computer systems protection and cyber intelligence defences. Now though things are changing.  Lines are blurring.  With everything coming online from the global financial system to the power grid and national transportation networks, the distinction between Government, […]

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While we may be culturally conditioned to believe that the setting of pen to paper is a “symbolic and weighty act”, a wet ink signature is really only weak evidence that somebody agreed to do something. A signature is not unique or special, nor does it particularly well prove that a person was genuinely present or consenting. This is because signatures are easily forged – as soon as you’ve seen someone’s signature once you can copy it infinite times and […]

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Last year we hit a turning point in cloud adoption for applications processing sensitive data.  According to our latest Ponemon/Thales Global Encryption Trends Study, for the first time more enterprises are sending sensitive data to the cloud than deferring out of fear over security risks. But at the same time more than half also said control of their encryption keys is vitally important to them, and that they would only use encryption keys they directly control inside their business. Click to […]