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It is not surprising that organizations are faced with an increasingly complex business environment. More competition, razor thin margins and increased competition yields more challenges to the business than ever before. At the same time the operating business environment has produced IT and security challenges that were often not even on the radar five years ago. Take security, for example. It was not all that long ago that hackers were the “bad outsiders” looking to develop their reputations as professional […]

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As an Emergency Medical Technician and former ER tech, I am amazed by the amount of change that healthcare has undergone. I am not talking about the advances in medicine though that is certainly impressive. I am referring to the intersection of technology and how it supports many of the healthcare interventions seen in emergency medicine today. Whereas charting and labs used to be written with doctor or nurse scribble which was barely decipherable to the untrained eye, today everything […]

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I’ll grant you the topic sounds a little morbid, but it’s not what you think. I am referring to when an organization announces the end-of-life and subsequent end-of-product support for a product or service that you have relied on. Obviously, a range of issues immediately rise to the surface, such as culling a short list of replacement products, vetting them and ultimately selecting the best product to replace your current “dead man walking” product. It can be a daunting and […]

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It doesn’t matter if you sell a product or service, one of the most critical elements enterprises are maniacally focused on is the user experience. Give a user a good experience and they will tend to come back. Do a really good job and your customer may bestow the highest form of praise by recommending you to someone else. It is unquestionably the best and most effective form of marketing. Click To Tweet:  Poor #IoT Security produces a poor customer […]

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This year at the HIMMS conference not quite a month ago, organizations from every walk of life servicing the healthcare community descended on Las Vegas to show their newest and best of…everything relating to healthcare. With five separate halls to visit, everything from the latest in telemedicine to patient stretchers to healthcare information technology was on display. It was massive and overwhelming. And if you were put in a time capsule for the last 25 years, you would not recognize […]

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Did you know that on an average day, upwards of 50% of your most sensitive data leaves your domain? Think about it, every evening, your employees go home along with not only what is in their head, but also what is on their computer. While some companies are still blissfully unaware of this, others are painfully aware and have taken measures to control the “insider threat”. Best practice is to not only to thwart attacks that are perpetrated by rogue […]

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Earlier this week, I came home from work, only to find my wife hanging up a framed picture that I was remiss in not getting to. The scene was not what I expected. In efforts to get the picture hung, my wife was using the heel side of a boot to drive the nail into the wall upon which the picture would hang. Clearly this was not the best idea because instead of just doing the job correctly, the nail […]

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Think back to the days of grade school. Remember when your teacher was calling on people and you didn’t know the answer, you did what made the most sense, make yourself as small and as unnoticeable as possible so the teacher would not call on you. The notion sounds a bit silly, but this same rule plays out many times over throughout our lives. Keeping a low profile or flying below the radar makes sense in many instances to avoid […]

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Several months ago, I had the unique opportunity of judging a security competition at a major university in New York City. The ground rules were simple. Students needed to propose the best legislation to help secure the consumer from hacking and cybercrime. The presentations were really quite amazing and insightful with one common thread – it all revolved around the impact of a breach based on the ‘internet of things”. Difficult to imagine, but not completely preposterous, scenarios were laid […]

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Code Blue For Your Healthcare Data Few look forward to a doctor’s visit. Unfortunately, this is more the case than ever before, and it is not because of what you might think. Today, patients worry about the information they may have to divulge at the doctor’s office and where it might end up. They say that the best way to stay healthy is to not go to the doctor at all and alarmingly it may also be the best way […]