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It goes without saying, really, but RSA Conference is the biggest cybersecurity convention of the year. From all across the world, private sector and government leaders come to San Francisco to inspect the latest innovations our industry has to offer. RSA Conference 2017 remains important, but I have seen a noticeable shift in the conversations our sector wishes to discuss. In the following blog post, I will examine the top four highlights and innovations I have seen so far this […]

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As I discussed in my previous post, the security industry often feels dangerously reactive to innovation. Instead of looking forward to the future, we are constantly playing catch up and filling in gaps as they emerge. Short term resolutions will always tend to be more reactive as a whole, but we can use the tools we develop today to prognosticate the future of our industry. Ultimately, our sector needs to find a proper balance between anticipation and reaction. Today, most […]

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This may sound obvious, but our industry is very reactive. It often feels like we, as security professionals, must wait in the wings until something disastrous happens. Then, and only then, are we allowed to develop and respond to technologic trends. So why does security consistently feel like it’s behind the curve? There are multiple reasons. We are all familiar with the dichotomy of security vs. convenience, which often positions security as the polar opposite of innovation. Many start-ups encourage a […]

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It’s safe to say that the holiday shopping season has arrived. And with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, it’s important to be mindful of security, whether browsing websites online, making payments or even heading to the mall. Securing Your Payments Card data and other sensitive personal information associated with payments has become a tantalizing payload for cybercriminals to target. Fortunately, with a few simple tactics, consumers can continue to enjoy convenient payment options without compromising security. […]

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In response to the ever-increasing number of high-profile data breaches, lawmakers and regulators around the world are enhancing existing data security compliance requirements, implementing new legal frameworks and defining new data security regulations to respond to increasing internal and external threats. In December of 2015, the European Union agreed to a draft of one such legal framework known as the General Data Protection Rules, or the GDPR. These rules, which are expected to go into effect in 2018, apply to […]

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In late March, President Obama renewed a declaration of national emergency, citing the rising number of cyberattacks against the U.S. (let’s call it a State of Cyber-Emergency).  I am pleased to hear the federal government is grasping the urgency of cybersecurity – an urgency demonstrated by the recent flurry of federal data breaches with the IRS, OPM, Department of Energy and Veteran’s Affairs, just to name a few. Click To Tweet: The State of Cyber-Emergency @SolCates Thankfully, this steady drumbeat of federal […]

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Another year, another RSA Conference! This year marks my 11th RSA Conference, and it’s coming at a time when cybersecurity issues are more prevalent across nearly all professional industries. From discussions on federal initiatives, to data breach saturation, vendors and buyers are focusing on different problem sets from years prior. In the last month alone, we heard about the Cybersecurity National Action Plan announced by President Obama, we saw the Safe Harbor agreement’s new replacement and we witnessed new vulnerabilities […]

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In today’s digital world, data is the crown jewel, the pièce de résistance. And with the steady pace of major data breaches that took place in 2015, such as those at OPM, Ashley Madison and VTech, securing sensitive data must be a top priority. Whether credit card information or healthcare records, it all comes down to protecting your sensitive data from cyberattacks. Now more than ever, it’s critical to leverage data-centric security techniques that protect where data is stored, and […]

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Over the last few years, we’ve experienced some serious breach fatigue, particularly in the retail sphere. According to Vormetric’s Insider Threat Report, 51 percent of U.S. retail enterprises identified as “very” or “extremely” vulnerable to a data breach. In light of the upcoming anniversary of the Target breach in December, our CEO, Alan Kessler pointed out in his recent blog post that the Target attack was one of the most notable cybersecurity moments of the 21st century, leading to 2014, […]

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As chief security officers (CSOs), you know that keeping data security is a critical component to your job. My colleague CJ Radford recently summed up our role as follows: when data is inside your four walls, you put trust in your own employees, the infrastructure and security solutions that you select, and the policies that you create to secure it. What happens when that data falls outside of the walls or you can’t take full ownership of your data? This […]