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Following on the heels of our Alan Kessler’s CEO level 2015 predictions blog, what should European organisations in particular expect from the world of cyber security in the next 12 months? EU Data Protection Regulation finally passes Well, we’ll most likely see the EU Data Protection Regulation finally passing into legislature and, given the scope and scale of breach incidents over the last year; it’s probably not a moment too soon.  We’ll have to wait and see exactly when and […]

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This question is always a difficult one. Although the answer is almost certainly a ‘yes’, it is a very difficult thing to measure with any precision. How costly could the damage of a successful data breach be? Well, it could put you out of business for one, or at least lose you your job – and as a result of incidents like these and countless others, organisations are making greater investments in IT security. Indeed Gartner says that worldwide information […]

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It has been an incredible 15 months since the Edward Snowden affair and, yet, his name remains anchored in my many business conversations. It’s not his name, of course, but his actions that has helped coin the phrase ‘Snowden-syndrome’. And, while ‘the insider threat’ is nothing new from a data protection standpoint, the reverberations of his actions have undoubtedly transformed the security landscape as we know it. Given research we released in April of this year confirmed that only 9 […]

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We’ve grown used to hearing about breach incidents on a daily basis, some of which involving the theft of sensitive details and files from cloud environments.  Because cloud computing has transformed the way organisations and individuals approach IT, enabling more agile and cost effective ways of working, the type and volume of data hosted in cloud architectures has increased exponentially making it a target increasingly worthy of unwanted attention from threat actors. From the point of view of protecting this […]

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In the space of two short weeks, eBay’s ticket selling site StubHub and online bookmakers Paddy Power joined the already long list of 2014 data breaches. And, as always, important lessons can be drawn from these two events. In the first instance, and typical to almost every breach, what unites both is that personally identifiable information was stolen – including individual customer names, usernames, addresses, email addresses, phone contact numbers and dates of birth. But, what distinguishes the StubHub breach […]

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The existing EU data protection regime is built around the Data Protection Directive 1995 (the 1995 Directive) and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive 2002 (ePrivacy Directive).  With a new EU Data Protection law said to be on-track for next year, organizations need to start thinking now about how they will manage and conform to the expected changes. Looking first at the existing regulations – here’s what’s required today. The existing 1995 Directive sets the overarching framework for data protection […]

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In case you missed it, last week CNNMoney and the Ponemon Institute announced the release of a study that revealed a startling 432 million US accounts have been hacked in the past year. In what is an eye-watering read, customers of Target, Adobe, eBay, Snapchat, Michaels and Neiman Marcus make up the numbers. Here in the UK, data breaches were reported this month at footwear chain, Office and music streaming giant, Spotify, serving as further proof that retailers and internet […]

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According to news reports this week, Europe’s fourth largest telecom operator, Orange, has suffered another data breach. Having been hacked twice in just three months, Orange is expected to come under the microscope for its data security practices and the type of cyber attack defences it has in place. While the breach was spotted on 18th April, the1.3 million customers affected were only informed this week to give the company time to assess the real nature of the damage. Thankfully, […]

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It is the first day of Infosecurity Europe – Europe’s largest information security event that sees some 13,000 visitors from 70 different countries cross the tradeshow floor each year – and, it’s safe to say already that the Insider Threat is set to be one of the hottest talking points at this year’s show. This should come as little surprise since our recent report with Ovum into the scale of the problem across Europe that gave us an unsettling insight […]

If you’re reading this blog, chances are good that you’ve heard of a horrid bug in OpenSSL named Heartbleed.  Rarely has a software bug caused such a ruckus in the security community.  The bug is sufficiently bad – an attacker can read random parts of the server’s memory – that an upgrade to the fixed version is an urgent matter.  To add to this, the versions of OpenSSL with the bug are very widely used – up to 2/3rds of […]