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Five Reasons to Secure Your NoSQL Deployments

Posted By: Don Pinto - Couchbase, @NoSQLDon
25 Jun
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Recently, NoSQL databases have become very popular across enterprises and many of them are choosing Couchbase to power their web, mobile, and IoT applications. As more and more companies adopt NoSQL, the amount of sensitive data stored in these repositories is also rising. Typically, it is a standard practice for enterprises to put the database behind a firewall, and implement extensive security controls. But these technologies alone cannot protect an organization from data breaches and data leakage. ClickToTweet: 5 Reasons […]

Vormetric and Teradata: Building on Mutual Strength

Posted By: derektumulak, @tumulak
22 Apr
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Any party bent on destruction, exposing proprietary business intelligence and sensitive customer information like credit card numbers and medical information can try to get access. But what’s more important is learning how to protect it. ClickToTweet: Easily, Efficiently Encrypt Teradata w/@Vormetric’s Data Protection Platform #DefenderOfData While data is crucial to enhance company product offerings and capture increased market share, when it’s not properly protected, it can be exploited. However the very advantage big data solutions provide — the ability to […]

05 Mar
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About two weeks ago I attended the Strata + HADOOP world conference, February 2015, in San Jose.  I think the most notable observation from an IT perspective is that people are getting serious about it. The second is that the technology driving the HADOOP ecosystem is evolving at warp speed. ClickToTweet: Security in the Data Lake from Strata + Hadoop @AshvinKamaraju #DefenderOfData One example for security – Cloudera now says that “Security is Foundational” and the new default. Cloudera […]

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While a year ago the big breach of the day involved likes of Target, now the breach landscape – which was once about financial gain – has exploded. It’s exploded to a world of state-sponsored attacks, of hackers getting more intelligent and of political organizations cyber-attacking alongside using physical force. Today we issued our 2015 Vormetric Insider Threat report. Coming off of the Sony breach and Obama’s State of the Union address, we can’t think of a better time to […]

From the CEO’s Chair: 2015 Data Security Predictions

Posted By: Alan Kessler, @kessalan
01 Dec
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right, it’s that time for my predictions about where things are headed in 2015. Before you break out the eggnog, don a sweater and settle in front of that roaring fire, I thought it might be fun to do a very brief “year in review” based on a year’s worth of blogs. <ClickToTweet>: 6 key #DataSecurity Predictions for 2015 from @kessalan CEO of @Vormetric Early 2014 saw me counting down […]

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I was recently invited by our South Korea sales team to visit them and present at a Big Data conference in Busan. First off I was glad to see S. Korea embracing or at least tipping their toes in new generation technologies and gladly accepted the invitation.  I want to share my perceptions from the trip and I will start first with economic factors. South Korea is a beautiful, clean country with a strong work ethic and an impressive 3.4% […]

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Intel’s AES-NI instructions are extensions to the x86 instruction set to perform AES encryption and decryption directly using Intel CPUs. In addition to being more secure, there are significant performance gains that accrue when using hardware-based encryption. Just as the AES encryption has become a universal and widely adopted standard for symmetric encryption, AES NI-enabled encryption has become the equivalent to a standard for x86-based applications performing hardware encryption starting with Intel’s Westmere processors. Click to Tweet:          ./@Vormetric #DataSecurity for […]

With Federal Data Breaches up 2.5x from 2009 – It’s time for a change

Posted By: Andy Kicklighter, @akicklighter (Twitter)
19 Aug
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Earlier this year the GAO reported that the number of security incidents for Federal Agencies involving Personally Identifiable Information (PII) increased 2.5x between 2009 and 2013. This year, with the rising tide of highly visible data breaches in retail, health care and other areas I’m expecting the picture to further deteriorate. Why is it this is the case?  Three key reasons appear: Lack of real penalties Inertia in IT Security investments Standards that drive only minimum behavior When a data […]

24 Apr
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Cloudera recently announced the general availability of Cloudera HADOOP Version 5 (CDH 5), also dubbed as the “Enterprise Data Hub”.   Vormetric is proud and pleased that we have once again successfully certified Vormetric Data Security for Cloudera HADOOP. This further strengthens our partnership and demonstrates our commitment to mutual customers. With a recent investment of one billion dollars in Cloudera and Hortonworks, the two leading HADOOP distribution companies, the market has validated the potential market size (rumored to be about […]

09 Jan
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2013 marked the year that Big Data became a proper noun. New industry events like Big Data Expo emerged on the scene, and just about everyone in software was interested in seeing how they could fit themselves into some aspect of the Big Data story. In other words, 2013 had a lot of Big Data sizzle, but little steak. As for what will happen in the Big Data arena in 2014, many are predicting that this is the year Big […]