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We just this week issued the Cloud and Big Data edition of the 2015 Vormetric Insider Threat Report.  In this edition we concentrated on the results relating directly to cloud and big data environments, and there were some real eye openers once we got a good look at the data. ClickToTweet: 60% of U.S. enterprises store sensitive data in the cloud – and they are worried about it #2015InsiderThreat First and foremost, we were very surprised at the rate […]


Posted By: Alan Kessler
03 Feb
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In my blog from September 2014, I wrote “encryption and access controls are your front-line defenses for defending data-at-rest. Given today’s threat environment, encrypt everything possible, everywhere possible.” While lots of things change in 6 months – the projected World Series Champion, the Super Bowl front-runner, Taylor Swift going from tweeting about dating to tweeting about hacking – this recommendation remains constant. <ClickToTweet>: IT Security Improvement – A Guide to the CIO’s Toolbox from @kessalan #DefenderOfData Data-at-rest is susceptible […]

As 2015 gets ready to roll in, I thought that it would be worthwhile to examine what to expect in the coming year. I’m spending lots of time these days with SaaS and IaaS/hosting, and managed service providers, and their direct enterprise customers who want to make best use of these environments – mainly in the North America and European markets. At Vormetric we’ve signed many cloud providers as partners this last year who recognize that cloud services and security […]

13 Nov
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A bit over a week ago some of our senior executives were in New York for a CSO summit. Our own CSO (Sol Cates) and CEO (Alan Kessler) were among those attending. One observation from the summit – this year’s sad (and still growing) total of data breaches is causing people to pause and reflect about how their security dollars are being spent, and how they could be used more effectively. <ClicktoTweet>: Twin Drivers to Reprioritize IT Security Spending @akicklighter […]

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From: Jean-Paul Bergeaux, SwishData Federal use of cloud resources has begun to mature, and with this maturity Federal organizations have started to hone-in on the best uses of private and public cloud resources for them. While private clouds have had strong adoption, with the environment more-or-less completely under the control of the agency, it is only recently that the most compelling use cases for agencies to use public cloud environments have started to become clear. The three most compelling use […]

Cloudy with a chance of compromise?

Posted By: Paul Ayers
04 Sep
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We’ve grown used to hearing about breach incidents on a daily basis, some of which involving the theft of sensitive details and files from cloud environments.  Because cloud computing has transformed the way organisations and individuals approach IT, enabling more agile and cost effective ways of working, the type and volume of data hosted in cloud architectures has increased exponentially making it a target increasingly worthy of unwanted attention from threat actors. From the point of view of protecting this […]

28 Aug

As we’re winding down to the end of VMworld today, now is a good time to summarize some of the key data security trends we’re seeing at the event. The first is that data, and the security of data within VMware clouds and environments, is now a hot topic. Not only did VMware announce a set of critical features tied to enhancing data security in today’s environment of “deperimeterization” for networks with the release of NSX 6.1, but the topic […]

Data Security…Up the Stack

Posted By: Derek Tumulak
27 Jan
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Data breaches have been front and center of late: Target suffered a tremendous data breach over the holidays affecting some 70M customers and Neiman Marcus just disclosed that 1.1M of its customers’ credit and debit cards were recently compromised. With the accelerating frequency and severity of data breaches, my top prediction for 2014 is that organizations are going to bring data security to their critical applications. Here’s how I anticipate organizations will add data security to their application stack…  First, […]

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If “enterprise cloud computing” was the top-of-mind catch phrase in 2013, I’m betting that “cloud security” becomes the 2014 frontrunner. We started to hear how enterprises are demanding greater cloud visibility and continuous monitoring, and that’s a trend I expect will accelerate rapidly in the coming months. There are a few reasons for this: first, given the spate of revelations by Edward Snowden chronicling the NSA’s surveillance activities, enterprises will no longer be willing to hand their data over to […]

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Last week we announced a new partner program:  The Vormetric Cloud Partner Program.  We have been partnering with cloud service providers for some time now, with many service providers using our Vormetric Data Firewall™ to address their end customer security concerns when moving to the cloud.  The announcement of our cloud partner program formalizes our activity programmatically and represents our commitment to meet the needs of this critical segment of the IT landscape – helping service providers address their end […]