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09 Jan
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Every country has secrets. Every government has data or information that it simply cannot afford to lose or have stolen. Whether it’s strategic military positioning, government-owned ‘Big Data’ or even citizen ID or voter data governments have long had a need for High Assurance computer systems protection and cyber intelligence defences. Now though things are changing.  Lines are blurring.  With everything coming online from the global financial system to the power grid and national transportation networks, the distinction between Government, […]

21 Jul
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So, in the wake of the OMB hack, the federal CIO (Tony Scott) has directed government agencies to get serious about cyber security. The “30-day sprint,” directs agencies to patch all known vulnerabilities; use information provided by Homeland Security to identify and mitigate known threats; limit the number of privileged users and tighten access controls; and “dramatically accelerate” the use of personal identity verification (PIV) cards and other forms of multifactor identification. Yes, in 30 days. ClickToTweet: Will the Cybersecurity […]

The New War on Cyberattacks

Posted By: Alan Kessler, @kessalan
02 Mar
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The Current Policy Landscape When it comes to cybersecurity initiatives, the U.S. government has not taken a back seat. Perhaps owning to the number of high profile breaches and damaging insider attacks that have occurred in the past few years, this White House in particular has been very vocal about the federal government’s role in putting a stop to cyberattacks. ClickToTweet: The New War on Cyberattacks – What a CISO Needs to Know #DefenderOfData @kessalan Recent examples of this […]