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Reducing the Risk of Data Breaches for U.S. Federal Organizations

Posted By: Wayne Lewandowski, @Wayne42675 (Twitter)
03 Aug
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Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. And if Einstein said it, it must be true, right? Using this definition, I would argue that many IT security professionals at U.S. federal organizations suffer from cyber insanity – and here’s why… According to Gartner, the world-wide cybersecurity market topped $75 billion in 2015, and is expected to increase to $170 billion by 2020. And of the billions spent annually on information […]

Brexit: In this climate of uncertainty, Cybercrime remains constant

Posted By: Louise Bulman, AVP of EMEA | Vormetric, A Thales Company
14 Jul
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In the wake of the UK’s recent decision to opt out of the EU, many UK businesses are facing a period of uncertainty. With the decrease in the value of the pound and fears over a widening IT skills gap, it is understandable that cyber security might be low down on the agendas of some UK companies. The truth of the matter is, though, that cybercrime is not going anywhere. Indeed, some experts are predicting that it will, in fact, […]

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Service Level Agreements (SLAs) directly involve continuous effort and improvement, significant technical investments and integration; and whether implied or explicit all business have them. Once an organization is consistently meeting their SLAs, the tolerance for change decreases and so goes the saying, “if it ain’t broke, do not fix it”. ClickToTweet: SLAs – Not enough without a Security Level Agreement too Now we have a new, and far too often only implied Security SLA meaning “though shalt protect my […]

When it comes to SaaS security concerns, cloud storage tops the list. In fact, 83 percent of U.S., and 72 percent of global respondents were very or extremely concerned about the protection of sensitive data within online storage environments, according to the 2015 Vormetric Insider Threat Report: Cloud and Big Data Edition. Enterprises struggle with being able to trust cloud storage users and providers. Users are often unaware of sensitive and unprotected data, which may result in compliance violations or, […]

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The state of security and data breaches is no song and dance matter. We all know 2014 wasn’t shy of data breaches. We saw companies – once thought of as impenetrable – hacked. In this layout of the World’s Biggest Data Breaches, it’s clear the outlook is meek. While 2014 may have been a whirlwind of security vulnerabilities, just three months into 2015 we’ve already seen breaches at Uber, Anthem, the hotel chain Mandarin Oriental, Gemalto and others. ClickToTweet: With […]

12 Feb

When it comes to data security, identifying what you consider your crown jewels is the first step in the data security recovery program. Legacy products can be expensive and negatively impact performance. Organizations need to realize that the complexity and fear of access control is a thing of the past. ClickToTweet: Why a Data Security Platform is an Enterprise Priority #DefenderOfData Before we get started on recovery, here are a few things you need to ask yourself: How much […]

The Twin Drivers to Reprioritize IT Security Spending Now

Posted By: Andy Kicklighter, @akicklighter (Twitter)
13 Nov
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A bit over a week ago some of our senior executives were in New York for a CSO summit. Our own CSO (Sol Cates) and CEO (Alan Kessler) were among those attending. One observation from the summit – this year’s sad (and still growing) total of data breaches is causing people to pause and reflect about how their security dollars are being spent, and how they could be used more effectively. <ClicktoTweet>: Twin Drivers to Reprioritize IT Security Spending @akicklighter […]

Another Retailer Bites the ‘Data Security’ Dust

Posted By: Tina Stewart, @socialTIS
14 Oct

Personal note: When I initially laid out this blog, I planned on stepping through recent revelations in the Dairy Queen breach. However, since my initial outline, Kmart was also breached. These breaches are happening at such a frequent pace, I can’t help but feel the larger story is about security flaws within the retail space. So instead of delivering yet another Dairy Queen article among the masses, I’d instead like to look at security flaws within the retail space as […]

17 Sep
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I’m pretty excited about the CSA Congress and IAPP Privacy Academy in San Jose this week. Although some half-day pre-conference workshops were on the docket for today, for us, the event formally started with the welcome reception earlier this evening. Click to tweet:  What’s the Buzz before #CSACongress #privacyacademy? – See what the speakers had to say @CJRadford! In getting ready for the conference, I spent a few minutes creating the word cloud below from the conference session descriptions […]

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Intel’s AES-NI instructions are extensions to the x86 instruction set to perform AES encryption and decryption directly using Intel CPUs. In addition to being more secure, there are significant performance gains that accrue when using hardware-based encryption. Just as the AES encryption has become a universal and widely adopted standard for symmetric encryption, AES NI-enabled encryption has become the equivalent to a standard for x86-based applications performing hardware encryption starting with Intel’s Westmere processors. Click to Tweet:          ./@Vormetric #DataSecurity for […]