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23 Jul
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Since the advent of the SuperUser, there has been a thorn in the side of Information Security. Administrators must be able to perform system management functions, but systems have been designed to grant them access far beyond what they actually need to do their jobs. As a result, IT has had to come up with crafty ways to help mitigate who has access to privileged accounts and the underlying data in those accounts. They have tried everything from password management, […]

Through the PRISM of Big Data

Posted By: Ashvin Kamaraju
13 Jun
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The entire nation is coming to grips with the PRISM program and grappling with the tradeoffs between national security and privacy. Ever since press conference where President Obama addressed the PRISM project, the world has been abuzz about data mining; that said, nowhere (except perhaps Washington DC) has the topic been more hotly debated than in Silicon Valley (probably because many of the companies that host vast repositories of U.S. citizens’ data are headquartered here) As I read through the […]