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09 Jan
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Every country has secrets. Every government has data or information that it simply cannot afford to lose or have stolen. Whether it’s strategic military positioning, government-owned ‘Big Data’ or even citizen ID or voter data governments have long had a need for High Assurance computer systems protection and cyber intelligence defences. Now though things are changing.  Lines are blurring.  With everything coming online from the global financial system to the power grid and national transportation networks, the distinction between Government, […]

22 Dec
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The singer Chris Rea enjoyed a seasonal hit in 1988 with “Driving home for Christmas”; but his hit album the following year, “The Road to Hell”, perhaps paints a more accurate picture of travel over the holiday season. Fortunately, 50 years of advances in transport operations and information technology have transformed the experiences of millions of passengers and Thales UK, through its wide-ranging products and services, has made great advances towards reducing crowded trains, congested roads and unreliable services. Travellers […]

Brexit: In this climate of uncertainty, Cybercrime remains constant

Posted By: Louise Bulman, AVP of EMEA | Vormetric, A Thales Company
14 Jul
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In the wake of the UK’s recent decision to opt out of the EU, many UK businesses are facing a period of uncertainty. With the decrease in the value of the pound and fears over a widening IT skills gap, it is understandable that cyber security might be low down on the agendas of some UK companies. The truth of the matter is, though, that cybercrime is not going anywhere. Indeed, some experts are predicting that it will, in fact, […]

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Whether it’s intellectual property, customer identifiable information, or next quarter’s financial results, sensitive data is arguably the most valuable asset that an organization can have. Should it fall into the wrong hands, misused data can result in major lawsuits, financial upheaval, and a fundamental loss of trust, not to mention major customer churn. In response to recent breaches and with the massive adoption of the cloud, regulators around the world are enhancing existing data security compliance requirements, implementing new legal […]

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Vormetric’s channel program has come a long way. In 2014, we announced that all Vormetric products would be part of a single Data Security Platform sold through the channel. Our channel program now lives and breathes by an all channel model. Following our acquisition by Thales e-Security (TeS), we have the opportunity to expand our reseller program even further. Our end goal is a model that adheres to our mutual values and is global in strategy and reach. Since we’re […]

RSA DPM: What Do You Do When “End-of-Life” Hits?

Posted By: Michael Rothschild, @mjrothschild
28 Jun
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I’ll grant you the topic sounds a little morbid, but it’s not what you think. I am referring to when an organization announces the end-of-life and subsequent end-of-product support for a product or service that you have relied on. Obviously, a range of issues immediately rise to the surface, such as culling a short list of replacement products, vetting them and ultimately selecting the best product to replace your current “dead man walking” product. It can be a daunting and […]

You, Me and the GDPR – What U.S. Businesses Need to Know

Posted By: Sol Cates, @solcates (Twitter)
02 Jun
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In response to the ever-increasing number of high-profile data breaches, lawmakers and regulators around the world are enhancing existing data security compliance requirements, implementing new legal frameworks and defining new data security regulations to respond to increasing internal and external threats. In December of 2015, the European Union agreed to a draft of one such legal framework known as the General Data Protection Rules, or the GDPR. These rules, which are expected to go into effect in 2018, apply to […]

03 May
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Organizations that want to survive and thrive in the 21st century need every advantage they can get: top talent, top strategies and of course, top technology. Technology, after all, has helped make business transactions faster, more transparent and more efficient. Big data, cloud computing, the “Internet of Things” (IoT), robotics, bots and other forms of artificial intelligence are all technologies that your organization is probably considering or reviewing, if they are not already in use. Click To Tweet: CSO’s: Safeguarding […]

19 Feb
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Growing threats from both malicious and non-malicious insiders means data security should be an incredibly high priority for enterprises. As Vormetric’s 2015 Insider Threat Report noted, 44% of US organizations experienced a data breach or failed compliance audit in the last year. This is an alarming number, especially when one considers the amount of valuable data many companies store. ClickToTweet: Why Tokenization Matters for Your Business @AshvinKamaraju #DefenderOfData With malicious actors becoming increasingly sophisticated, the answer is not to […]

22 Jan
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While news about the malicious hacking trade and the actions of elusive cyber-criminals continue to grab headlines, the third of our annual Insider Threat reports confirm that the risk posed by those legitimately ‘inside the fence’ continues to top business data security concerns. Of course, there can be no denying that the breadth and depth of private and public sector breaches in the past few years that have resulted from trusted insiders turning rogue or being compromised by perpetrators of […]