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21 Feb
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The alarming growth in the number of data beaches, the need to comply with data governance regulations, and the migration of sensitive data to the cloud underscores the need to protect sensitive data. Data protection boils down to building a firewall around your data: define who has access to the data and encrypt that data. Unfortunately, many products that accomplish this manage the keys used for encryption in a closed, non-interoperable system. In an effort to improve interoperability, last week, […]

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When organizations build products, not just security products, they do so with a user interface that ultimately sets the tone for the overall user experience. This can range from very positive (if the organization takes an Apple-like approach to user interfaces) all the way to negative for products where the common use cases aren’t thought through well enough. As customers and partners begin to realize the value of a product or service, one question that usually comes up is whether […]

Insider Threats: A Big Concern for CISOs

Posted By: Wayne Lewandowski, @Wayne42675 (Twitter)
14 Feb
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Many people think that all data breaches occur when outside thieves get into an organization’s systems. Not so. The fact of the matter is insider threats are rising dramatically, in both the business world and government circles. According to InformationWeek Reports 2012 Strategic Security Survey, 52% of those surveyed identified insiders as the top security threat at their organization. To address this growing issue, the Administration sent out a presidential memorandum in November to the heads of all executive departments […]

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If you want to understand the legal requirements for encryption in Europe and Asia, Stewart Room has the answer for you. Stewart, a partner and IT security specialist with Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP, today published the findings of research his team conducted into the legal requirements for encryption of personal data in Europe and Asia. The paper examines the legal obligation to encrypt personal data in both Europe – with particular focus on the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain, […]

The Cloud Looms Large: Data Protection on the Move

Posted By: derektumulak, @tumulak
05 Feb
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As we enter every new year, a raft of “what’s in store” articles predicting the major issues and opportunities emerge on the scene. This year, it seems that the cloud (and specifically, cloud security) is one of the major areas of focus for companies. According to Global State of Information Security® Survey 2013 — a worldwide study conducted by PwC, CIO Magazine, and CSO Magazine — cloud security is the #1 technology security priority for the North American organizations polled. […]

Note To Self: Perimeter Protection is Passé

Posted By: Tina Stewart, @socialTIS
31 Jan
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Today’s news from the New York Times that Chinese hackers had attacked the New York Times network over the last four months is a reminder of the inadequacy of perimeter defenses by themselves. The folks at Mandiant helped the NYTimes to figure this out – those guys rock! As the article points out, the hackers are exceptionally sophisticated in their methods of penetrating the network. The hackers installed 45 pieces of malware over three months, and Symantec (the NYTimes uses […]

Data Security: Protect What Matters

Posted By: Alan Kessler, @kessalan
29 Jan
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Over the past three months, I’ve had dozens of interesting conversations with Vormetric customers about how their data security strategies are changing as the result of business mandates around things like cloud adoption and big data. From those interactions, two things became crystal clear to me: first, it’s a whole new era in data security that makes perimeter security far less relevant, and second, enterprises are laser focused on making sure they ‘protect what matters,’ anywhere it happens to reside, […]

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I recently read a Mandiant research report indicates that Hikit, a backdoor Trojan, has targeted a number of smaller defense contractors for the purpose of conducting industrial espionage. This latest series of attacks highlights the difficulty that many companies face in protecting sensitive data. As we continue to focus on building higher and higher perimeter fences to keep the bad guys out, we often lose sight of what’s behind that fence – the data. What’s more, companies often focus their […]

Portable Security: Data Protection in the Cloud

Posted By: Tina Stewart, @socialTIS
06 Aug
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Cloud computing has changed the way that companies do business. The ability to leverage economies of scale have allowed businesses to stretch scarce resources – the old “do more with less” mandate with which companies, and particularly IT departments, are often hit during tight economic times. But while private clouds can make it easier for organizations to build availability and scale resources, it can also make data protection in the cloud more complex. A recent article in Datamation titled “Private […]

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The explosion of data available today has been both a blessing and a curse to enterprises in all verticals. The ability to collect, store, mine, and analyze huge quantities of data has changed the way that companies do business, providing a competitive advantage to those companies that can best leverage their big data. According to a report by Mckinsey Global Institute, “a retailer using big data to the full could increase its operating margin by more than 60 percent.” Such […]