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Fuel your digital eIDAS transformation

Posted By: Francesco Perrotta
23 Jan
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In July last year EU Regulation N. 910/2014, also known as eIDAS, came into force – designed to harmonize national regulations around electronic signatures and digital identity and ensure the legal and technological interoperability of electronic identification systems. Its enforcement will drive the domestic market towards the digitization of document-based processes, and will therefore increase the use of electronic signature systems, long-term signature and document preservation systems, and strong authentication mechanisms, all of which will, ultimately, lead to an increase […]

18 Jan
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Much has already been written on eIDAS, the new EU regulation on electronic identification and trust services; that it holds the promise of a safer and more integrated digital Europe, for example, or that it will make our everyday lives easier – whether opening a bank account or enrolling in a foreign university. However a task such as opening a bank account in the EU country of which you are a national – let alone one in a neighbouring country […]

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Downtime. Nobody likes it. Unplanned downtime is almost always expensive. A 2015 report from IDC also revealed that for the Fortune 1000, the average total cost of unplanned application downtime is $1.25 billion to $2.5 billion per year. Planned downtime is also a pain. Before I was in the security business, I marketed network solutions that were “bumps on the wire” that required planned downtime for deployment. There were ways to minimize or even reduce the downtime, but they were […]

Identity in the Time of Digitalization

Posted By: Emanuele Cisbani
16 Jan
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Electronic Signature and Multifactor Authentication We are entering a new digital world in which the way we perceive and protect identity is rapidly shifting. As a result , the risk of identity theft is increasing. So how can today’s technology meet challenges such as these? Our experience of the world used to rely on information that, while supplementary, was also crucial. When someone rings our doorbell, for example, the question “who is it?” is generally followed by the answer “it’s […]

New Innovations for the New Year, Part One: The Short Term

Posted By: Sol Cates, @solcates (Twitter)
12 Jan
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This may sound obvious, but our industry is very reactive. It often feels like we, as security professionals, must wait in the wings until something disastrous happens. Then, and only then, are we allowed to develop and respond to technologic trends. So why does security consistently feel like it’s behind the curve? There are multiple reasons. We are all familiar with the dichotomy of security vs. convenience, which often positions security as the polar opposite of innovation. Many start-ups encourage a […]

09 Jan
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Every country has secrets. Every government has data or information that it simply cannot afford to lose or have stolen. Whether it’s strategic military positioning, government-owned ‘Big Data’ or even citizen ID or voter data governments have long had a need for High Assurance computer systems protection and cyber intelligence defences. Now though things are changing.  Lines are blurring.  With everything coming online from the global financial system to the power grid and national transportation networks, the distinction between Government, […]

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In 2016, we saw organizations increasingly investing in a digital transformation strategy and any CIO worth their salt is going to continue to drive that change through 2017. In fact, Gartner’s 2017 CIO agenda survey found that more money is being invested into technologies that support shifts to digital services than in the past. At the same time, the board is increasing the pressure on CIOs to move the organization forward technologically in order to better compete in this ever-increasing […]

Docker data security – going from zero to hero

Posted By: Andy Kicklighter, @akicklighter (Twitter)
28 Dec
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If you are already developing on Docker, you already know why interest is so high.  The combination of faster application delivery and evolution that it makes possible, easily scalable microservices, reusable standard images, and the possibility of reducing system licensing and management costs is nearly irresistible if you’ve adopted a DevOps strategy.  And a compelling reason to adopt one if you are not. For a look at just how hot Docker is, take a look at the Google trends search […]

22 Dec
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The singer Chris Rea enjoyed a seasonal hit in 1988 with “Driving home for Christmas”; but his hit album the following year, “The Road to Hell”, perhaps paints a more accurate picture of travel over the holiday season. Fortunately, 50 years of advances in transport operations and information technology have transformed the experiences of millions of passengers and Thales UK, through its wide-ranging products and services, has made great advances towards reducing crowded trains, congested roads and unreliable services. Travellers […]

Remote Administration: Value, Security and Convenience

Posted By: Kristina Cairns, @kcairns2020 (Twitter)
21 Dec
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Many companies today house critically sensitive data and applications on servers in data centers. Along with these sensitive assets, organizations are also deploying their security tools, such as encryption key management hardware devices, in data centers. However, the landscape of data centers is evolving, and encryption management tools must keep up to best serve their customers. In the last 15 years, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in remote, lights-out data centers. These facilities are incredibly large, and due to property costs, […]