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RSA DPM: What Do You Do When “End-of-Life” Hits?

Posted By: Michael Rothschild, @mjrothschild
28 Jun
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I’ll grant you the topic sounds a little morbid, but it’s not what you think. I am referring to when an organization announces the end-of-life and subsequent end-of-product support for a product or service that you have relied on. Obviously, a range of issues immediately rise to the surface, such as culling a short list of replacement products, vetting them and ultimately selecting the best product to replace your current “dead man walking” product. It can be a daunting and […]

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Following a recent investigation by Sky News, it’s been revealed that, a private firm which allows drivers to pay fines via its website and has a direct link to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) database, had been affected by a backdoor which gave access to restricted information. Although we’ve seen many headlines that highlight the danger posed by APTs and the like, it seems many organizations are still unprepared for attacks or unidentified weaknesses at a more […]

12 Feb

When it comes to data security, identifying what you consider your crown jewels is the first step in the data security recovery program. Legacy products can be expensive and negatively impact performance. Organizations need to realize that the complexity and fear of access control is a thing of the past. ClickToTweet: Why a Data Security Platform is an Enterprise Priority #DefenderOfData Before we get started on recovery, here are a few things you need to ask yourself: How much […]

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Intel’s AES-NI instructions are extensions to the x86 instruction set to perform AES encryption and decryption directly using Intel CPUs. In addition to being more secure, there are significant performance gains that accrue when using hardware-based encryption. Just as the AES encryption has become a universal and widely adopted standard for symmetric encryption, AES NI-enabled encryption has become the equivalent to a standard for x86-based applications performing hardware encryption starting with Intel’s Westmere processors. Click to Tweet:          ./@Vormetric #DataSecurity for […]

Yesterday, we announced the general availability of Vormetric Data Security Release 5, Version 5.2.1.  This is a full release for our set of Data Security Platform products, including extensive enhancements to our flagship Vormetric Transparent Encryption product, our new Vormetric Application Encryption offering, updates to our Data Security Manager appliance, encryption agents, key management and more.  The release is the culmination of significant work by Vormetric product development, product management and product marketing teams and further extends our platform to […]

General Availability of Application Encryption

Posted By: derektumulak, @tumulak
29 May
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The Vormetric Data Security Platform Yesterday was a big day for Vormetric, the culmination of the long process of creating a new product – Vormetric Application Encryption.  This offering is a major extension of our Data Security Platform, giving our customers powerful capabilities for granularly encrypting field, column and file data within enterprise and web applications, as well as cloud and big data environments. With the addition of Vormetric Application Encryption to the Vormetric Data Protection Platform, we have created […]

6 steps to preventing another massive breach like eBay’s

Posted By: Andy Kicklighter, @akicklighter (Twitter)
26 May

It seems pretty clear that eBay didn’t properly safeguard their user information. We can expect that perimeters and firewalls will be penetrated – The Verizon data breach report gives a 90% chance of compromising an account after 10 phishing attempts, and malicious software installed as a result  is often undetectable by AV or Network monitoring and penetration tools.  Other attacks on applications (SQL injections, stack overflows) often result in an attacker gaining root privileges on machines and then using the […]

Angrier, Smarter, Tougher Malware

Posted By: Sol Cates, @solcates (Twitter)
28 Jan
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Hang on everyone, it looks like it’s going to be a wild ride in 2014 on the malware front. Malware source code moved to be “open” in 2013.  As a result of this “open source” style —where building blocks and code are readily available to malware writers — both the speed of change and the effectiveness of malware are set to accelerate.  Attackers will be able to start with standard code that can then be easily adapted, modified and obfuscated […]

Data Security Innovations

Posted By: Ashvin Kamaraju
20 Jun
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The pace of innovation in computer security continues unabated and, with the ever-increasing number of data security breaches, sovereign espionage a la Advanced Persistent Threats, and efforts to track and prevent terrorism, the need for innovation in security has never been greater. Traditionally, security was deployed and enforced at the perimeter of an enterprise data center and on endpoint devices. Perimeter security is primarily comprised of firewalls, intrusion prevention and detection systems, or the all-encompassing Unified Threat Management systems (UTMs). […]

What will matter at #Infosec13?

Posted By: Vormetric
19 Mar
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Well, it’s almost that time of year again – and doesn’t it come around quickly? I’m talking about the highlight of the European security calendar (unless you’re counting the upcoming SC Europe Awards where I’m delighted to say that Vormetric is shortlisted in two categories) — Infosecurity Europe, which takes place April 23-25 in London. So, what will the hot topics be this year? BYOD and protecting mobile have been key trends over the past few years, and I expect […]