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Category: Encryption

08 Apr

Here at Vormetric, we just issued the European Edition of our Insider Threat Report.  Although the report focused on Insider Threats, we also included a strong focus on SaaS and Cloud Provider use for enterprises – both on the additional Insider Threat concerns around SaaS and Cloud Services and about what those enterprises would like to see that would increase their use.  Today I’m going into details that we didn’t highlight in the report, but which are directly relevant to […]

20 Mar

It isn’t any surprise that Cloud Security is still at the top of every Enterprise’s concerns about using cloud resources and services.  Since the inception of cloud services, security has been a top concern, and one of the reasons that the largest investments by enterprises to date have been private cloud related.  That hasn’t stopped lines of business from using cloud services without authorization, or stopped enterprises from putting their “toe in the water” with non-critical projects, limited SaaS applications […]

The Currency of Convenience

Posted By: Alan Kessler
05 Mar
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There’s no better place to gauge the state of the security industry than the RSA Conference. At this year’s event, the Vormetric team had a chance to touch base with our fellow industry professionals, chat with analysts and the media, and discuss some of the top-of-mind events that have security professionals buzzing. It was time well-spent and once again a fantastic experience. Chief among those buzzworthy items is a recent piece from Bloomberg’s Chris Strohm, in which former NSA cybersecurity […]

27 Feb
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Guest authored by Pete Nicoletti, CISO at Virtustream The planet’s smartest security minds have descended by the thousands on the Moscone Center here in San Francisco desperately searching for their personal holy grail. They are looking through the myriad of security related things: the next generation of something; a hot new startup that could be worth billions; new tools and stuff that is cheaper, better, faster; a new market segment, built on big data and, of course, it must be […]

20 Feb
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This week Vormetric announced Application Encryption, a new product enabling organizations to address a greater number of use cases as they implement solutions to achieve compliance and secure data. While Vormetric Transparent Encryption, our transparent file encryption solution, works seamlessly to meet more than 80% of our customers’ Big Data, Database, File Server, and Cloud environment data protection needs, in a recent survey of over 100 Vormetric customers, 43% indicated a need for Application Encryption. Vormetric Application Encryption is effectively […]

18 Feb
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Today Vormetric is pleased to announce our support for the latest line of Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v2 family, further strengthening our partnership. Vormetric’s data security platform utilizes the new chip’s AES-NI encryption enhancements to significantly boost performance and lower encryption times. Intel and Vormetric have established a strong partnership beginning with Vormetric Encryption software exploiting Intel’s new processor level instructions for accelerating computationally intensive encryption algorithms such as the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). These new instructions are collectively referred […]

31 Jan
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Speaking to the Wall Street Journal a few days ago, a spokeswoman for Target confirmed that the attack was facilitated by credentials stolen from a third-party vendor. This latest revelation undoubtedly demonstrates the significant risk posed by unsecured, unmonitored access credentials and the importance of securing ‘privileged user’ accounts. Attackers have clocked the easy way in; they’re going after the weaker spots on the network to get a foot in the door. Low-level employees or temporary outside contractors are often […]

In Cash We Trust…

Posted By: Tina Stewart
30 Jan
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During the holiday season, I was discussing with friends and family about some of the high profile breaches as of late. As I discussed in my December blog post, data breaches are on a roll that shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. While we’ve yet to see anything of Snowden proportions in the first month of 2014, recent revelations about major data breaches during the holiday retail season tangibly underscored how vulnerable consumer data can be, even in the […]

Data Security…Up the Stack

Posted By: Derek Tumulak
27 Jan
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Data breaches have been front and center of late: Target suffered a tremendous data breach over the holidays affecting some 70M customers and Neiman Marcus just disclosed that 1.1M of its customers’ credit and debit cards were recently compromised. With the accelerating frequency and severity of data breaches, my top prediction for 2014 is that organizations are going to bring data security to their critical applications. Here’s how I anticipate organizations will add data security to their application stack…  First, […]

Random numbers and Cryptography

Posted By: Mike Yoder
14 Jan
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Random numbers are very important as they are used to generate cryptographic keys used for encrypting data. If the random numbers are compromised, keys can be predictable and hence compromised. The security of our products relies on good cryptographic keys. Over the last few weeks I’ve received several inquiries as to the security of Vormetric’s random number generation, so I thought I’d write a technical blog post to address the matter. Random numbers might seem to be an obscure niche […]