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As 2015 gets ready to roll in, I thought that it would be worthwhile to examine what to expect in the coming year. I’m spending lots of time these days with SaaS and IaaS/hosting, and managed service providers, and their direct enterprise customers who want to make best use of these environments – mainly in the North America and European markets. At Vormetric we’ve signed many cloud providers as partners this last year who recognize that cloud services and security […]

28 Aug

As we’re winding down to the end of VMworld today, now is a good time to summarize some of the key data security trends we’re seeing at the event. The first is that data, and the security of data within VMware clouds and environments, is now a hot topic. Not only did VMware announce a set of critical features tied to enhancing data security in today’s environment of “deperimeterization” for networks with the release of NSX 6.1, but the topic […]

30 May
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I recently stumbled across this story about a council employee who, after learning he was being made redundant, stole sensitive customer details in order to help him set up his own company.  Typically, the Data Protection Act holds the “data controller” accountable for data protection. In this case, however, it turned out that the council took adequate precautions to protect the data, included restricting access to employees with a “need to know.” The offending employee had a need to access data in order to do […]

Securing National Cyber Borders

Posted By: Wayne Lewandowski, @Wayne42675 (Twitter)
09 May

It was recently reported that Chinese cyber-spies hacked U.S. defense contractor QinetiQ North America’s computers for three years. These hackers compromised most (if not all) of the company’s research, including work on secret satellites, drones and software used by U.S. Special Forces.  According to a Pentagon spokesperson, the Pentagon is now working closely with QinetiQ to determine the exact scope of the breach. The unfortunate situation that QinetiQ faces is one that other companies and government can expect with greater […]

Is Big Data a Big Deal?

Posted By: Tina Stewart, @socialTIS
09 Apr
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“Big Data” appears to be a recurring theme of 2012. Companies are retaining more and more data in an effort to find the competitive edge. Much like the AETV show “Hoarders”, companies are simply retaining all of their data and refusing to delete the information for fear that it may “possibly be needed one day”. As stated by Forrester analyst John Kindervag: “If I’m a hacker of Anonymous, or part of an APT group, I’m really excited about the Big […]