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New Innovations for the New Year, Part One: The Short Term

Posted By: Sol Cates, @solcates (Twitter)
12 Jan
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This may sound obvious, but our industry is very reactive. It often feels like we, as security professionals, must wait in the wings until something disastrous happens. Then, and only then, are we allowed to develop and respond to technologic trends. So why does security consistently feel like it’s behind the curve? There are multiple reasons. We are all familiar with the dichotomy of security vs. convenience, which often positions security as the polar opposite of innovation. Many start-ups encourage a […]

22 Dec
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The singer Chris Rea enjoyed a seasonal hit in 1988 with “Driving home for Christmas”; but his hit album the following year, “The Road to Hell”, perhaps paints a more accurate picture of travel over the holiday season. Fortunately, 50 years of advances in transport operations and information technology have transformed the experiences of millions of passengers and Thales UK, through its wide-ranging products and services, has made great advances towards reducing crowded trains, congested roads and unreliable services. Travellers […]

28 Jul
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Imagine a world where your coffee maker produces a fresh brew at the break of dawn simply from activating it with your smartphone. Your driverless car directs you to work while you catch up on the morning news. On the way home, your refrigerator notifies you that you’re running low on ingredients for dinner. Click to Tweet:   Blog: 61% worried about IoT hacks for Cars, Security Cams @socialtis I know this seems incredibly futuristic but we aren’t far off. […]

The Health Internet of Things

Posted By: Michael Rothschild, @mjrothschild
28 Apr
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Several months ago, I had the unique opportunity of judging a security competition at a major university in New York City. The ground rules were simple. Students needed to propose the best legislation to help secure the consumer from hacking and cybercrime. The presentations were really quite amazing and insightful with one common thread – it all revolved around the impact of a breach based on the ‘internet of things”. Difficult to imagine, but not completely preposterous, scenarios were laid […]