My Cybersecurity “Ah-ha” Moment

Posted By: Alan Kessler, @kessalan
06 Oct
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As some of you may be aware, October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.  The theme for this week, specifically, is STOP. THINK. CONNECT: The Basic Steps to Online Safety and Security. Part of this week’s focus includes examining “cybersecurity jobs and how to engage young people in pursuing careers devoted to protecting the Internet.” The weekly topic, and the entire month’s devotion to cybersecurity, compels me to consider my cybersecurity “ah-ha” moment (We’re talking pre-Edward Snowden; pre-cybersecurity “skills gap”; pre-Target). […]

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We passed a great milestone this week – our second Cloud marketplace implementation for Vormetric Transparent Encryption as we added support for IBM Cloud Marketplace to our existing AWS Marketplace offering. If you are an enterprise looking to take advantage of the flexibility, cost savings and business agility that comes with using cloud-based resources, we already know something that’s been at the top of your list – How can I safely use sensitive data and take advantage of these resources […]

Cloud Security – Just build it in

Posted By: C.J Radford
20 Mar

It isn’t any surprise that Cloud Security is still at the top of every Enterprise’s concerns about using cloud resources and services.  Since the inception of cloud services, security has been a top concern, and one of the reasons that the largest investments by enterprises to date have been private cloud related.  That hasn’t stopped lines of business from using cloud services without authorization, or stopped enterprises from putting their “toe in the water” with non-critical projects, limited SaaS applications […]

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The Edward Snowden incident not only revealed the scope and depth of the PRISM and XKeyscore programs but also exposed a dirty little secret about system administrators who, while authorized to manage and operate computer networks, are not authorized to access sensitive data repositories. The truth is that all too often organizations place sensitive data at risk by expanding administrator access across multiple networks (i.e., trying to save money by doing more with less). This is a risky gambit. If […]

Taking Control of Your Cloud Data Security

Posted By: Andy Kicklighter, @akicklighter (Twitter)
05 Mar
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A recent post from ITWorld reporting on the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Summit meeting last week at RSA pointed out several unsettling facts for organizations using cloud resources: There is no certification of, or transparency into, the security of a cloud offering Cloud providers’ first priority is to minimize the security impacts on themselves – customers take a back seat The chain of responsibility can be “clouded” – meaning your cloud application or infrastructure provider probably also uses additional resources […]