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In my last post I outlined the difficulty organizations are having in preventing insider threats, despite increased incidents and awareness. Much of this stems from the nature of the “privileged user,” which changes as organizations grow, requiring additional access at a time when their own corporate networks grow increasingly complex. Right now CISOs are spending up to 80% of their security budget on perimeter defenses such as anti-virus software, firewalls and limiting outside connections to the network. The problem is […]

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It is the first day of Infosecurity Europe – Europe’s largest information security event that sees some 13,000 visitors from 70 different countries cross the tradeshow floor each year – and, it’s safe to say already that the Insider Threat is set to be one of the hottest talking points at this year’s show. This should come as little surprise since our recent report with Ovum into the scale of the problem across Europe that gave us an unsettling insight […]

The Spending Gap – APTs and Insider Threats for Government

Posted By: Wayne Lewandowski, @Wayne42675 (Twitter)
15 Apr
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Just released is our latest Vormetric Insider Threat Report.  This latest report focuses on Europe, and an earlier version in September of last year detailed responses from the US.  Today, I’m taking a deeper look at the combined government data from both US and European government at a level you won’t see elsewhere. One point before I get to the results – Insider Threats aren’t just traditional insiders, people with access to sensitive data in the course of accounting, financial, […]

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While we’ve since learned it was a relatively unsophisticated attack, the Target data breach remains anchored in the headlines and, thanks to the more recent security breach reported at giant grocery chain Morrisons in the UK, we can’t get away from the risk posed to business by the ‘Insider Threat’. Events of the last few months have thrust the dangers of privileged user abuse into the spotlight. However, while these security incidents do vary in terms of scale and impact, […]

The Dimensions of the Insider Threat – On Premise – Cloud – Big Data

Posted By: Andy Kicklighter, @akicklighter (Twitter)
01 Apr
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It may not be obvious, but there’s a common thread through the endless procession of data breach disclosures, and it’s the Insider Threat. Insider threats are no longer just traditional insiders with access to special information within a company (a classic is the accountant that walks off with all the cash), it now includes privileged users of all types and the compromise of accounts to gain access to sensitive data. Take a look at a couple of cases recently – […]